Quik! Forms Automation For Investment Advisors Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions  
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"Once I had Quik! configured, it was a pleasure to work with. Because it was already linked to my existing database, there was no need to import data or worry about keeping two databases in synch."
- Joel P. Bruckenstein,
(from Morningstar Advisor Article)

FAQs For Financial Advisors
The most frequently asked questions about how Quik! automates daily paperwork are shown below - click the question to expand the answer. There are additional FAQs for each of our product categories (see the list at the bottom of the page). If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

What does Quik! do for financial advisors?
Quik! makes it easy to fill out financial service forms electronically by pre-filling them with data from your client database (over 30 databases are supported). With our library of thousands of industry forms (mutual funds, annuity, insurance, clearing firms and broker/dealer forms), all your forms are in one place and can be bundled, pre-filled and completed in just a few minutes.
Do you have my broker/dealer’s forms?
Quik! has forms for many broker/dealers, and more are added all the time. When you sign up for a free account, you can browse for your broker/dealer’s forms. If we do not have their forms, please let us know and we’ll get do our best to get them into our library.
Can I add my own forms?
Yes. For only $20 per fillable page we will build your custom forms and make them available to you through our system. You will be able to pre-fill, bundle and complete your forms through the Quik! solution.
Which Quik! product is right for financial advisors?
Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE was specifically designed for financial advisors and their team. This product is licensed per advisor, not per user, which means you can have as many users as you need at no additional cost. Quik! supports multiple databases at the same time (so you can pull client data from multiple places), allows you to create and save form groups, share your installation across a network (including remote users) and many more features. Plus, all Quik! products, including Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE, are pre-configured to work with broker/dealer enterprise solutions, electronic signatures and back-office new account processes.
How much does Quik! cost?
Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE is offered at only $19.99 per month (or less) and comes with a free 14-day trial. (For the latest pricing, please see our product pricing page.)
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